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We are Mary and Bob Andress of PECAN ACRES PETS.  We specialize in the breeding of Quaker Parrots and African Grey Parrots as companion birds.  We also provide a selection of premium Quaker Parrot breeder pairs on occasion.

PECAN  ACRES  PETS  is a closed facility and for this reason, we ask you
to contact us by telephone(618-407-2423) or e-mail when  inquiring about purchasing one of our birds.

Our mission:
To provide the public with the finest, healthiest, hand fed and hand raised companion birds (and select breeder pairs) along with referrals to local avian vets and places to obtain cages, food, supplies and toys for your bird.  We will also try to make answers available to your questions about your present or future companion bird with our knowledge or by referring you to another professional.

We hope the links above will help you find your way around our web-site.  Perhaps you will find one of our babies or one of our breeders that will fit into your home.  If we do not have a bird for you, we can try to help you find the information you need to help you find your next forever companion bird.

Our Humble Beginnings:
PECAN ACRES PETS was born at a swap meet in late 1988 in Swansea, Illinois.
Blame it on impulse or love, but the “bird people” in us just forced us to purchase our first pair of Love Birds. We previously had been owned by a parakeet and never thought of replacing her with another bird when she died.  We purchased the pair of Love Birds and took them to their new home.  Setting them up in a cage proved simple enough.  But, we were not prepared for what came next.  The hen started laying eggs on the floor of the cage.  We gave her a “nest” and she began teaching us how to raise a family.  There were no great “how to” books or professional hand feeding formulas at this time. So, after forcing our brains into high gear, Mary decided to educate herself.  Human baby food and strained veggies was the beginning.  Since then, we have been given a great recipe for a hand feeding formula that has proven it’s self over the years.  When the Love Bird babies weaned we looked for new homes for them.  One of them went to a gentleman for his granddaughter.  She had a physical impairment and needed someone to share her time with.  Her grandfather told us that it was love at first sight both for her and the Lovebird.   He told us that the bond they shared was unbreakable and they became inseparable.   Well, that was the beginning of our years of raising companion birds.  Since then, we have raised finches, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, cherry head conures, blue crown conures, nanday conures, sun conures, cockatoos, the occasional macaw, Patagonian conures, and of course Quaker parrots and African Grey parrots.  Our main focus is on African Grey parrots (Congo and Timneh), and Quaker parrots for the companion pet bird people out there.  We also put unrelated young pairs together for future breeding.  Most of these pairs are sold to breeders or those people who want to begin raising Quaker parrots.  We have been told over the years that our Quaker parrots are some of the nicest that people have seen.  We take that as a very positive signal that we must be doing something right.  Several years ago we bought out an aviary that raised only Blue, Pallid and Pallid Blue Quaker parrots.  Since these birds were unrelated to any of ours, we jumped at the chance to obtain “new” blood for our aviary.  Our genetic lines are monitored by us and the pairings very carefully chosen to make sure we are putting the right colors together while making sure they are unrelated.  Since PECAN ACRES PETS IS a closed aviary, we do not allow anyone into the aviary buildings.  The reason for this is obvious.  However, we do invite those who wish to purchase a bird from us to visit our home by appointment or to meet us at one of the bird fairs we attend.  We meet at our home by appointment only and ask that you would call us or email us to set up a date and time.  This way we are able to make sure that the new home and the new family are going to be right for our birds.  It also allows you to interact with a companion bird before making a decision.  Our years of raising companion birds has brought us into contact with thousands of good people throughout the mid-west.  We are always happy to place one of our birds with a forever home knowing that the right decision was made on all sides.


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