You just got a new African Grey as an addition to your family.  At this point you probably have a lot of questions and need reasonable answers.  The following links will help a lot, but remember, a lot more information can be found if you just contact the right people.

What you read in these articles has been put together by professionals in their fields and does not represent the writings of PECAN  ACRES  PETS.
Please take time to read these articles, as you will find them very helpful in your caring and life with your new African Grey Parrot.

Chose any of the links below for some great information that will help you with your new family member.

 Toxic Foods for Your Feathered Friend

Toxic & Nontoxic

A Clinical Case of Zinc Toxicosis and Potential

Copper Toxicity from Toothbrushes

 African Grey Parrot Nutrition

 African Grey ParrotVariations

 African Grey Parrots

 African Grey

 Avian First Aid

 Bad Wood

 Balancing Act

 Evolving Nutrition

 More Useful Information 

Nutritional Diseases

 Safety Begins At Home

 Taking Your Pet Birds Outside

 The African Grey Parrot

 To Peel or Not To Peel

 Uniquely Grey

 What is the Cameroon African Grey?

 Why Food Is Better Than Pellets?

 What We Feed

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